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Your leisure reading link to the world of Self Storage: In Hand and On Line. With versions in English and Japanese, our members will learn more about the industry, their peers, and all the on goings throughout the region and world.


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Your Self Storage Association Asia is dedicated to providing member only services which range from vital and important research, SSAA regional market studies, introductions, and much more. Members, click here to access your recources. Non members...sign up now!


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SSAA established committees in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The objective is to protect and deal with issues that faced by the industry in the country.


News & Articles

As the world turns, news churns. Whether about you company, your industry, or heck, even you, members can submit the latest on our website and linkedin. Over and above this, submit to us your research or education by PDF and  even video. We'll upload for the world to see!


Hong Kong Self Storage Safety TV Commercials

To promote safety in self storage to the general public in Hong Kong, the SSAA has produces several TV commercials. They are broadcasted in the biggest TV channel in Hong Kong.


Editorial Exposure

Do you want FREE Exposure? Your Self Storage Association Asia gives members an opportunity to get heard. Ready, set, type! In our twice yearly magazine, we will focus on specific sections that YOU are an expert in.

Too busy to write but still want exposure? Click the big button below and dip into our magazine RATE CARD.


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Establishing and maintaining a industry standards is one of the main objectives of Self Storage Association Asia, members who agree to follow and meet the standard of the code of conduct will be given a stamp of approval from the SSAA. 

  • Standardized Self Storage Licensing Agreement
  • Dangerous Goods Checklist
  • Late Payment Notices
  • Prohibited Activities and Items in Self Storage Poster

Investor Relations Service
Advice on behalf of the S
​elf Storage Association Asia​
 is well sourced, first hand, and fresh to market giving investors further piece of mind about the potential self storage investment opportunities where, with whom, and why. 

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Do you have the enthusiasm, expertise and team commitment to contribute to Self Storage Industry? If so, we invite you to review our current career opportunities and see if one is right for you.


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