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Self-Storage Association Asia Responds To Seizure Of Contraband Cigarettes in Self-Storage Facility In Singapore

Monday, 12 December 2016, Singapore.  The Self-Storage Association Asia (SSAA) is aware of the seizure of contraband cigarettes in a self-storage facility located in Singapore.  The SSAA takes the matter seriously and cautions all customers not to engage in activities and store items that are prohibited at self-storage facilities across Asia.

A list of prohibited activities and items can be found in a poster developed by the SSAA in July this year.  Members of the SSAA have since displayed the posters at their respective facilities across Asia.  The poster can also be viewed at the SSAA's website (

Ms Helen Ng, Chair of the SSAA, says, “Sleeping in a self-storage facility and storing inflammable and contraband items are all prohibited at self-storage facilities.  The association has developed a poster to illustrate activities and items that are prohibited at self-storage facilities across Asia. We encourage our members to put up the posters at their facilities so their customers are fully aware of what they can and cannot do or store.”

Self-storage service providers across Asia generally do not require their customers to declare what they are storing.  However, they have to declare that they are not storing illegal or inflammable items.

Ms Ng says, “The poster helps to standardise communications across our members' facilities so their customers are clear about the prohibited activities and items from the outset.  We want both service providers and customers to have top-of-mind awareness of fire prevention and public safety guidelines from the moment the customer decides to lease a storage space.”

The association will encourage its members to display the poster prominently and is also working with its members to develop a template for customers to declare their storage items according to categories, .e.g, furniture, books, office documents, etc.
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